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Church Charters & Communions Available

If you're Church or Ministry is interested in receiving a Charter or forming a Communion with Crossroads Christian Ministries and Bible College this is now available through our Ministry Services and College. Listed below you will find information on both programs.

Church Charters - A Church Charter will help your Ministry establish itself in your Community and State whether it is a new ministry or an established ministry which is trying to increase in size. It is something that also helps in many states when performing legal services such as weddings, but this may vary depending on the laws of your state. It will also give you the opportunity to display the name of your church on the wall of your office or ministry in a beautiful new certificate made in a frame able parchment which can make a nice addition to any Ministry or Church.

Church Charter Fee-$100.00

Our Church Communion has an initial Fee of $150.00, with a monthly fee of 15.00. - A Church Communion will allow your Church or Ministry to become part of our Ministry in fellowship and in faith. You can still remain independent if you choose to do so but you can have Crossroads Christian Bible College and Church as your covering. This can help you in many aspects of your ministry, especially for those who are just starting out or for those who have recently become independent themselves.

Having a covering is a very important and needed aspect for your ministry in this day and age. Along with this covering you will receive our continued support for your ministry and we will be here at all times with our intercessory prayer warriors to lift up your ministry in prayer on a regular basis, along with answering any needed questions. Your 501c3 status will be your responsibility or as many Churches you may choose to begin your ministry as a small business until you have grown in size.

Although we all know that Jesus Christ is the only true head of any Ministry scripturally or any other way, this world seems to want to remain legalistic and wants to look for some sort of authority. By being in Communion with our Organization and Ministry you can have both our covering over your Ministry and its Authority if you choose to do so. You can also come to us for any questions you may have along the way regarding your ministry, but still remain independent if you choose. By being a part of Crossroads you will also be listed on our website as one of our sister ministries on our new web pages.

Begin today and be part of the growing church family in which Crossroads is forming a crossed the nation.

For more information on this program or if you would like an application please contact Dr Dr Debra Schmidt LPC, Th.D, and Ph.D. at: mailto:crosscbc@yahoo.com

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